Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Joe Butler Metro Index

As the 2010 NFL draft approaches on April 22, the talent pool for this draft is outstanding. The top end players are really good as usual for a normal year, but the depth in this draft is outstanding. My philosophy is, the more draft picks, the better off a team is. The Pittsburgh Steelers picked up an additional 2 choices in the 5th round and an additional 7th round selection. This gives them 10 draft picks in a very strong year. Mid round selections in this draft can and will be really good players/prospects. As the old theory resounds in the chambers of the war rooms at each teams headquarters, the best philosophy is to build, re-build, or stabilize a program through the draft. Look at the Chuck Noll era when the Steelers in the 1974 draft had 4 players make the NFL Hall of Fame. That is incredible. If it was accomplished once, it can be accomplished again. This could be the year. Evaluations are almost completed right now for the Scouting Combine is completed and the scouts are at the tail end of the individual school's pro days. In my next blog, I will look at some under the radar guys that teams should look at in mid to late rounds that could be steals in the draft.

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